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Looks like my summer vacation...
is over.
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17th-Nov-2007 08:03 pm(no subject)
Guess who's finally back? I know you all missed me terribly, but please try to contain your excitement.

Our last few stops were...interesting. I don't think I will ever get used to being a merman. Or a lion. But visiting Jack in Halloween Town was fun (when is there not something fun going on there?) and the lack of a drinking age in Port Royal was abused. I have to admit, allowing Sora to pilot the gummi ship after that was somewhat frightening.

But for some reason I can't quite figure out I'm glad to be back in the castle again. I'll probably Be taking that back tomorrow.

By the way, there is currently a massive amount of sea salt ice cream in Xaldin's freezer but...don't even think about taking one. I'll know if you do you probably have a deathwish if you do.
10th-Nov-2007 06:34 pm(no subject)
Sora and I are in Port Royal now. I figured out how to read the map, and we managed to get here much easier this time. I fell asleep during the ride, though, and my neck is kind of stiff now.

I miss Twilight Town already, but Port Royal is fun. We met up with Jack. Explaining why there were "two Sora's" was a little interesting...I had forgotten that not many of Sora's other friends actually knew about me.
6th-Nov-2007 10:36 pm(no subject)
Started my spur-of-the-moment, disorganized, immature road trip with Sora today please don't kill me Axel I'll be back before you even have time to miss me ok? We had to leave at an ungodly this morning, it would have been hours before sunrise if the world the never was actually had a sunrise. But that worked out to our advantage in the end, because with Sora's impeccable piloting credentials, we were still just able to make it to Twilight Town as people were getting ready to turn in for the evening. I'm beat, it's a lot of work watching your other man the controls of a gummi ship all day.

I'm excited to spend time with Hayner, Pence and Olette tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun, as long as we don't get dragged out shopping with Olette, please god anything but that.
4th-Nov-2007 09:47 am(no subject)
Well, here I am.

Axel kept bugging to get one of these weblog things, so I did. I don't really see the point, though. Why anyone would care to read about the things I do during a day is a mystery to me.

I suppose that's it, for now.
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